Friday, March 5, 2010

Another day ..another ....uhhh...

Yes, it is another day in the maison of Just Junque! We have managed to get a whole lotta nothing done. But a whole lotta stuff done too! Strange how that happens, isn't it!?!?

Dishes - DONE!
Laundry - DONE!
Facebook checked - DONE!
Ebay account set up - DONE!
Blog Entry - DONE!
Surfed Etsy - DONE!
Babe down for a nap - DONE!

What I have not done is any art, taken a shower, eaten lunch, anything creative, etc, etc, etc.

Those are the things I WANT to do today.

Wait....whats that I hear?? the shower, you say...

Ok -- Something more clever and some new art to follow soon....I HOPE!!

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