Saturday, March 6, 2010


Do you judge your blog by how many followers or comments that you have?

Should I?

If so -- Mama needs to rethink this blogging business ;)

Today was a family day. We took Lilly to soccer this morning. FUN! 2 year olds chasing soccer balls around. LOVES IT!

Then a little shopping at the mall. (EEEKK!) But if you took the babies to the mall in their soccer uniform you get a free t-shirt. And you know I never met a free thing that I did not LOVE! Plus Hallmark Card Shop was giving away free cards from their new Encouragement line. Free t-shirt AND card. Be still my heart!!

And I got INSPIRED at the mall of all places. Everything ready for Spring. Flowers everywhere. Lots of inspiration for all of the painting I plan on doing this week!!

Then it was home for baby naptime. Then back out to friends for playdate and dinner. We all had a fantastic time. Church tomorrow and then home for family time and then ready to start a new and exciting week!


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